The Comox Regional District is made up of a number of watersheds that share very similar patterns of climate (rainfall, temperature) and soil types, but have their own distinct development intensity/patterns and water imbalances.

The Comox Regional District has developed targets for each watershed in order to achieve the right balance of water: running off the land, absorbing and running underground (subsurface) into creeks and recharging aquifers.

Start by entering your address below. The map will zoom to your address and mark it. The watershed description and targets for your area will also appear. Or if you already know the watershed you are in you can select the area on the map. For both options you’ll be guided through how to create a project (easy!) and use this Water Balance Tool (also easy!)

The targets listed with the description are Retention Volume, Infiltration Area, and Base Flow Release Rate. Retention volume is the amount required to limit the flood frequency of discharges to allow time for infiltration to ground, and to provide a volume to augment low stream discharges. Infiltration area is required to achieve the desired volumes of water penetrating deep to the groundwater so as to mimic predevelopment conditions. Base flow release rate or underflow is similar to the mean annual stream discharge value to allow any stored volume to augment the low summer flows in the stream.

As you play with this tool you will discover lots of ways to make your property development/redevelopment plans help our region better manage our rainwater resources.

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